Chronic Kidney Disease

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1) Welcome to our #accredited #tweetorial on optimal mgt of #hyperkalemia in the patient with #CKD. Earn 0.5h #CME/CE credit by following this thread. I am Sourabh Sharma MD DNB FASN 🇮🇳 @iamnephrologist & u have found the ONLY source for CE credit delivered entirely on Twitter!

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3) Potassium was first isolated by Humphry Davy in 1807 by electrolysis (Coined word from “Potash” [Dutch]). The periodic table symbol K was derived from kali (alkali) [Arabic].
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4) Re potassium #homeostasis: 98% of the body's K lies in intracellular space➡️ helping determine resting membrane potential & intracellular electronegativity.
10% of K secretion is via the colon (↑significantly in advancing CKD) 🔓 #NephroNotes

5) There is debate abt the definition of hyperK (>5? >5.5?), but it is classified by serum K & ECG. Mortality risk is independent of symptoms, but not ECG findings, as bradycardia/junctional rhythm/QRS widening→Poor outcome.

6) Arrhythmia in Hyperkalemia
Moderate HyperK: Fast Na channel activation; ↑excitability/conduction velocity: Peaked T
Severe HyperK: Fast Na channel inactivation/Inwardly rectifying K channel activation: Wide QRS/Conduction block

7) There are multiple causes of #hyperkalemia:
a. Pseudohyperkalemia
b. Redistribution
c. Excess intake
d. Impaired renal K secretion
In #CKD, relative risk of hyperK approximately doubles for every⬇️in eGFR of 15 mL/min
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8) Because it may be unexpected, we must be especially cautious of drug-induced hyperkalemia
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9) So let's focus on #hyperkalemia in #CKD ➡️adverse outcomes, as it restricts RAASi & MRA usage. #CKD patients have multiple risk factors for hyperkalemia. For those on dialysis, long interdialytic gap ⬆️hyperkalemia chances
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10) This table is a nice summary of causes and treatment of hyperkalemia across continuum of kidney function, from 🔓
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11) A low-K diet is generally recommended in advanced #CKD, but @goKDIGO suggests interventional trials to determine optimal recommendations, as there is no direct evidence to link dietary K & serum K, and the benefits of K can’t be ignored

12) Guidelines for use of #RAAS inhibitors are intertwined with K homeostasis. Strive for maximum tolerated RAASi therapy! Treat hyperkalemia & reinitiate RAASi after resolution, then reassess K level within 1 wk

13) Patient education is🔑:
@nkf recommends⬆️patient awareness of hyperK
👉Educational tools
👉Lifestyle change
👉Dietary modification
👉Involve allied healthcare professionals
Hyperkalemia is often asymptomatic; regular K monitoring needed!

14) The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence #NICE offers a systematic Treatment Approach to #hyperkalemia
👉Account for clinical priorities
👉improve pt outcome
👉↓adverse events
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15) So when hyperK happens, how is it treated? Acutely:
👉IV calcium ↓cardiac membrane excitation (1-3 min)
👉Insulin/glucose & β agonist redistribute K to ICS (30-60 min) but not ↓total body K
👉β Agonists: short duration of effect (2-4hrs)
👉Sodium bicarbonate ↑K elimination

16) #Hemodialysis increases total K elimination & is used for resistant acute hyperkalemia
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17) So among acute treatment options, different medications have rapid, intermediate or delayed onset of action
Rapidly & intermediately acting medications are required in acute hyperkalemia management
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18) So let's look at drug administration & safety of different emergency use medications
IV Calcium preparation
👉Calcium Chloride
👉Calcium Gluconate
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19) Insulin/Glucose Infusion: Consider
👉Drug administration & safety
👉Alternative glucose preparations
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23) Welcome back! I am @iamnephrologist and we're talking about #hyperkalemia in #CKD and what to do about it! You are earning🆓CE/#CME, #physicians #physicianassistants #nursepractitioners #pharmacists #nurses. Shout-outs to @vipvargh @gudnephron @SwastiThinks @docanjuyadav

24) We were about to start talking about the oral K binders. (BTW earn MORE CE/#CME on this topic at Yes, prune juice is a K binder, but it's not quick, & it may make a bigger mess than Na polystyrene sulfonate. So the correct answer was D. More to learn!

25) So these oral potassium binders are to be considered in chronic #hyperkalemia despite diuretic therapy/corrected metabolic acidosis. They potentially allow continuation/optimization of RAASi/ MRA
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26) So in the K binder🌎, there is old and there is new.
New binders have opened new horizons for treatment & prevention of hyperkalemia
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27) Start w/the old. Sodium/Calcium Polysterene Sulfonate clinical studies:
👉Limited evidence for effectiveness/safety
👉With sorbitol, can cause colonic necrosis
👉Nonselective for K, with affinity for Ca/Mg ions
👉Caution: Na & volume overload

28) And then the new. First, #patiromer sorbitex calcium clinical studies:
👉Efficacy established in randomized, placebo-controlled, phase 2 and 3 trials (CKD/ HF/RAASi)
👉Onset of action~ 7 hours
👉No serious AEs
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29) Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate (#SZC) clinical studies:
👉Efficacy & safety established in Ph 2 & 3 trials (#CKD/#HF/#DM/#RAASi)
👉assoc'd w/ ↑Bicarbonate
👉High selectivity for K & ammonium ions
👉fast onset, starts in small bowel
👉No serious AEs

30) Summary: Clinical trials of oral potassium binders
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31) Treatment of #Hyperkalemia in #hemodialysis patients:
👉Hyperkalaemia contributes to mortality in HD (3-5% deaths)
👉K ⤴️is most common immediately post 3-day weekend break
👉Adjust dialysate K as per 🔓

32) In summary, the treatment of hyperkalemia is likely to evolve in the coming years with the availability of novel drugs & the development of new strategies to improve safety. Clinical decisions on when to treat & how aggressively to treat require a pt-centered approach …

35) Per NICE guidelines, the correct answer is B, more exactly hyperkalemia (18.1%) compared to those with hypokalemia (5.0%) or normokalemia (3.9%). Pts with severe hyperK (> 6.5 mmol/l) are most at risk & in one report (🔓 ), hospital mortality was 30.7%.

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